Barnaby Alkire
5 min readApr 14, 2021


Orbs of Influences

On this day, July 23rd, I am logging my first entry via Notes because I left my Notebook and Excalibur in my room. As I walk through the streets of New Haven and Yale’s HP building, I wonder about our autonomy. Recently I’ve been going through all my decisions and it’s like my hand stuck to my face. I face palm once and I couldn’t let go after that because there so many deep delusion (2 A-tion pts). However, here’s my one argument to the control mechanism in which corporations and startup deploy and it’s absolutely buying out our attention through embedding marketing practices.

There’s this terrible evil happening that’s luring those in corporations to show values. to a certain solution that business sector is Trying to sell. I say if it’s a little gray then we have to look at it.

Few questions:

How would influence people without compromising their respect and dignity?

Why do we have to detailed to giving an almost precise guess to a person behavior?

If we disturbs someone’s autonomy, is it their decision making process distrusted through clever marketing hooks?

Perhaps, or maybe not. I recognize as a business if you’re not sharing with the worst how amazing you are; you will fold. Fine, okay. I’m more interested on these microwaves of marketing. B2B, it’s fine because it’s a dog eat dog match to make more money and feed the best dog to produce the most revenue. Okay, let’s stop and think how these technologies influence our perception.

ListenLoop and the Triangulation Method:

I joined late June and I quit after July 4th. It was one of the most anxiety whipping of the back I endured. At 26, I was making moves to becoming something remarkable in my career; however, my demons lighting the flame thrower ablaze and all my best coping mechanisms failed… like over eating, over working, vaping, and spanking the rooster several times in one evening… I had catch up and show my competence with LL. technologies. It was amazing and scary.

These 2 guys created or perfected the triangulation method. The idea is dropping a proximity fence on a prospects work place and dish out different marketing ad campaigns.

It’s essentially a floating bill board outside. a prospect’s window to influence them to whatever is being advertised. Fine; whatever, it’s cool the deployment of this method, but it’s absolutely a call to examine the ethics of the technologies and other like it.

I gather that the proponents say it’s benign and since we did our homework we know these folks would appreciate the message.

I’m with that. What if sleeper cell group wanted to influencing their community. Say for a test to calibrate culture. Now, we are in the Wild West and I much rather not have these types of tech deployed because it infringes on autonomy.

If anything I learned in sales and marketing, it’s a honor and high achievement to cast a net and catch as many guppies as possible. I say guppies because there a lot of folks oblivious to the kinds of wonders a company to hook you with their message. It’s not a something I like because it’s influencing someone’s mind to operate a certain way.

The goal is hijack someone’s mind to induce a behavior and/or actions. Justin Winter, a dear friend, brilliantly has mastered how to control others through marketing. I lost respect over the years because he can’t comprehend right from wrong. He’s sees taking a short cut to win; you bet he’s winning it. I like him as a person and I’d be curious to see how everything unfolds. He’s got some major fires and I’m okay not going down his path.

He’s owning his stuff, but I haven’t seen humility. I thought to myself if this is the reaping after years of sewing in startups; I’m out. unknown , has 0 and is classified. I saw that and decided not that. I sought to understand myself the past 2 1/2 yrs and it’s proved to worth it.

My point is that you have the men who are massively intelligent and have the means to deploy these mechanisms of influence, but lack the examination of the bigger picture. I haven’t gone with it and, in fact, dropped my sharping stick and let go all this craziness. It’s purely astonishing to see how we, as a society, accepted all of this technology before examining it. Perhaps I’m projecting. I would think the nature of one’s self to think critically with regards marketing would cross someone’s mind because it happens every waking moment.

It’s true I was bed with this technology and with those who created it, and I made a choice to say, “This is fucking crazy and you’re mad for inventing this!” That of course is drowned out the applause and accolades of The Who see the power and have the money to invest in it.

Here I am though calling and addressing the issue of autonomy. If I plant an idea and watered the idea in span of 7–11. different touch-points, are you the deciding ? Or, am I holding your hand guiding your hands with a spell to capture your frontal lobe to decide what’s best. That’s the what we have at the forefront of minds as continue to accept, by omission, accept these martechs mechanisms.

Delusion check: Am I being hyper delusion with the state of society well being? I have a sliver of understanding, so maybe I’m off and that’s okay. If I grow higher with perspective as I grow older then it’s a must to address my own misconceptions and delusions. God knows we have delusions and it seems like my machete of wisdom hacks away the overgrowth of vines, weeds, and brush of delusions to clear a path to coherent reality.

I find it truly remarkable and fascinating how we are adopting different thought mechanisms to influence us. There’s a recognition to the fact How do we know what look for if we never seen or understand these mechanisms. It’s extremely and definitely a reality I faced the past few years.

How could they have known better? Or, why the weight of blame to someone who could not known better?

Empathy and humility are called on those who recognize we are in the sea of unknown. Sure the islands we drift to applying certain knowledge on them, but as explore the sea of unknown we recognize its vastness. It’d be foolish to bellow out before the sea. of the atom like understanding of our world.

As a readdressing to my concern, and with emphatic language, it seems like our frontal lobes are under heavy influence mechanisms to choose something we fully don’t understand.

After restudying our rights as Americans and the constitution, my question I ask frequently is: am I’m infringing on others liberties and are people infringing on my liberties?

If my life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are being suffocated by these unworldly orbs of marketing techs, has to make you wonder what’s next.